Aug. 1st, 2003

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I slept over Shadow's house last night. That was... most interesting. I went straight from work to his place. When there we hung out played some stepmania (which is a ddr simulater).I eneded staying up till like 9 Oclock. I slept until 2ish when the woke me up and said we're going to a graveyard. I was like no. But shadow insisted. I told him I didn't like graveyards because I don't like the feeling of death and the energy's people leave when they pass on. He said I had to go. He need my help beacuse something didn't feel right at the graveyard. I told whatever, i'll go but don't expect me to feel for anything. He said ok. SO we walked a few block to the cemetary. AS we approched I started to feel kinda sick to my stomach (I told you I didn't like cemetarys). We entered and I just said to myself I don't wanna be here. So I ended putting my shields up (They woke me up for this). All we really did was walk around and look at headstones. I tried not to feel anything so I ended up not helping at all. Oh well. I don't like dead things anyways. Then I went to anime club and Funworld to game for a little (not that I had money to game ^ ^;).

Thats all for know. Nighty night all


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