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I slept over Shadow's house last night. That was... most interesting. I went straight from work to his place. When there we hung out played some stepmania (which is a ddr simulater).I eneded staying up till like 9 Oclock. I slept until 2ish when the woke me up and said we're going to a graveyard. I was like no. But shadow insisted. I told him I didn't like graveyards because I don't like the feeling of death and the energy's people leave when they pass on. He said I had to go. He need my help beacuse something didn't feel right at the graveyard. I told whatever, i'll go but don't expect me to feel for anything. He said ok. SO we walked a few block to the cemetary. AS we approched I started to feel kinda sick to my stomach (I told you I didn't like cemetarys). We entered and I just said to myself I don't wanna be here. So I ended putting my shields up (They woke me up for this). All we really did was walk around and look at headstones. I tried not to feel anything so I ended up not helping at all. Oh well. I don't like dead things anyways. Then I went to anime club and Funworld to game for a little (not that I had money to game ^ ^;).

Thats all for know. Nighty night all


Date: 2003-08-01 10:54 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You worry me -_-'

Sore, huh? What exactly were you & your 'flirt buddy' up to? :P

BTW, do you read anyone else's journal entries? Mine, your other friends? Just curious.

And speaking of curious...

1) What exactly was Shadow doing that he came to the conclusion that 'something didn't feel right in a graveyard'?

2) Why did he feel you needed to be there? What did he think you'd be capable of?

3) Someone needs to learn 'no means no'. The fact that he pushed you even after you said that you didn't want to go & explained why just seems rude to me.

4) now = this particular moment
know = to have knowledge of

The English language is your friend. Embrace it.


Date: 2003-08-01 01:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Dude wtf?!? I can't tell whose who and whats what on all your posts. Serriously the chaos in your posts is overwhelming! I think you need to think through your posts and make it a bit more organized. Man o man. And whats this crap about graveyards that you have a problem with? Did you piss on a grave when you were younger and feel bad about it or something? You serriously hold shit back from me man and let other people know before me. What ever man, I give up. Least you paid me back (Yay!) I know its your journal and you can write however you want but if you want others to understand what you saying (specialy your friends) then perhaps you should clean it up a bit eh? Blah. See you tomorow if you don't blow me off with your sushi eating.


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