Jul. 28th, 2003

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I went to Shadow's house agian today. This time though I thought it was going to be just Neo, Shadow, and myself. I was wrong. Unbeknownst to me Blue and Binx were there. I had never met them before but they were pretty cool. Blue was cute too. Thinking it was just the three of us. I had decieded to show Shadow Paige. He'd seen me when I wasn't and had sounded interested to meet her/the real me. He likes her I think. I'll have to find out later. ::blushes:: He confuses me sooo much. Oh well. Whilst there the five of us were outside having a smoke and just shooting the shit when Neo and Blue decided to horse around. Blue fell and hit her head on the ground. She was alright so that was a relief. Other than that nothing really notable happened. We ended the night trying to figure out little riddles involvong history for a little till Neo and I left to come back to my place.

All we've been doing here is hangout watching Kenshin and drinking Mountain Dew. Nothing else really notable.

Well thats all for now Nighty night

p.s. Neo walked in on his brother ,Lampir, and his brothers girlfriend ,Vetala, having sex. Whats this world coming to when brothers can't expect privacy in their own room (Which they share no less)
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Ragetti's Dress Fetish
You are....

Ragetti's dress fetish. Okay, so you like dressing
up. Frilly things are fun! There's no shame in
being who you are, and you DO look rather
fetching in that strawberry number. Oh yes, and
you encourage your friends to come along.
After all, no one likes to look ODD, do they?

Which Pirates of the Caribbean Character's Unhealthy Fetish are YOU?
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