Jul. 27th, 2003

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Today, was interesting.
We went to Shadow's house. We being Neo, kaaji, D, and myself. It started off like just hanging out. But then Shadow asked me something out of the blue. He asked if i'de be his flirt buddy. He said he was asking me because he knows i'm a guy but he also knows inside i'm Paige. This made me feel a little wierd at first, but I wamed up to the idea. As long as its just innocent flirting it shouldn't be a problem. So we flirted. That's as far as it went. It still was kinda weird he asked me to do that though. ehh. I guess i'll enjoy it. I hope Kit_Quat doesn't mind.

Some of the activeites at Shadow;s house included Tribal dancing around candles to DDR music (My friends are such Geeks... Wait, so am I). An example of the music would be the Speed Racer Porno Mix and other random music from DDR that we've downloaded from the internet. Another would be trying to get D off with hot wax. Neo, Kaaji, and NoseBleed would heat up some wax from a cadle and then pour it on D's hand and forearm. He was getting a bit uhhh... Primal so to speak. I think he's masochist. On a final note. Neo and Kaaji were getting a bit... Intamit so to speak on Shadow's bed. At least they're wern't any fluids to clean up ^ ^;

Oh. My bad. I never introduced Kit_Quat. He's my significant other. He lives about five hours away so I don't get to see him as often as he or I would like. Mostly due to finances. I should call him more often then I do seeing as I can call him at his work since its an 800 number. I feel kinda bad about that. He doesn't need constant attention but he would like at least a HI or something at least every other day. I'll have to get better about that.

And that ends aother episode in Paige's life

Ja ne


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