Jul. 26th, 2003

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Thats all I hear now. Almost every one I know can't say anything smart. Its all got something to do with money. Yes, I know that without money the world doesn't turn but still. I wish the world was based on such a confining ideal. I wish society could exist like water. Instead of money we should go back to the barter system. It would makes things easier by allowing people to get what they want in a reasonable fashion. Actually, no it wouldn't. I have no evidence to back it. Oh well.

Thats enough of my ranting ^ ^;

On a good note, yesterday I made a new friend. His names Shadow. The story goes like this. My friends Neo, Kaaji, D, and myself went to the mall to hang out. While we were there we meet up with some of neo's friends that he hadn't seen in a while. Amongst them was Shadow. He's an interesting fellow. I say this bevause he is an enigma in my mind. He's kinda like, well... a void. To get to his personality, you need ot get past his emptiness. He confuses me. Besides that he's a pretty good guy. He knows my situation and accepts me for it. Thats makes me feel good.

Well. Thats it for now Nighty night all ^ ^
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Another day at hell(UPS). ::sigh:: Oh well. Hopefully soon i'll be moving up to purgatory(Macy's). At least i'm moving up in the world. If I get the job there I'll be a lot more financially secure. I'll be able to pay for my car, cell, rent, transition plus many more things the require money. God Damn the world for being so damn materialistic. I can't say I like to conform, but some things must be had. Oh well. What to do? Maybe some day things will be alright, maybe be happy with who I am. That may be wishful thinking or it may mean I may have to use what little patience I have. I don't mean to sound all depressive and stuff but i've been thinking to much. Damn my brain. I hope in a few years my life will actually be stable. I won't have to live from pay check to pay check. I'll be happy with the way I look and my gender. I'll be with close friends. I'll live on my own. ::sigh:: At least working in purgatory i'll be able to buy things again. Thats enough of my ranting this morning. Nighty night all

Ja ne


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